Configuration Managers


Configuration Managers apply different strategies to provide Secretless Broker with its configurations and ways to update them. The Secretless Broker comes built-in with a couple of different Configuration Managers and a plugin API so that almost any configuration source can be easily integrated. Selection of the specific configuration manager plugin is done through the -config-mgr <manager_id>[#<config_spec>] CLI flag. If no specific configuration managers are specified, configfile plugin is used.

Note: Secretless Broker CLI is tightly integrated with the configfile plugin so its use is different from other plugins.

Currently built-in configuration manager plugins are:


Generic CLI invocation

$ secretless-broker -config-mgr managername#configspec

Start broker with secretless.yaml in your current directory:

$ secretless-broker

Start broker with custom-config.yaml in /foo folder:

$ # CLI is the same since configfile plugin goes through a number of places to find the configuration
$ secretless-broker -f /foo/custom-config.yaml

Start broker with custom-config.yaml in folder /foo with inotify watch while also explicitly specifying the configfile plugin:

$ secretless-broker -config-mgr configfile#/foo/custom-config.yaml?watch=true

Start broker with Kubernetes CRD config manager that will watch for changes in test-secretless-crd resource:

$ secretless-broker -config-mgr k8s/crd#test-secretless-crd

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