Credential Providers

HashiCorp Vault

The Vault provider (vault) populates credentials from an external Vault service.

Secretless Broker Configuration

To use the Vault provider, the Secretless Broker requires the VAULT_ADDR and VAULT_TOKEN environment variables be set. You may optionally include any other configuration environment variables that are allowed by the Vault Go Client Library.


The value of id must be provided in the format <path>#<key> or the path must have a key named value.


  - name: pg_listener
    protocol: pg

  - name: pg_handler
    listener: pg_listener
      - name: address
        provider: vault
        id: postgresql/creds#address
      - name: username
        provider: vault
        id: postgresql/creds#username
      - name: password
        provider: vault
        id: postgresql/creds#password

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