Using Secretless in Kubernetes

Estimated time to complete: 5 min

Products used: Kubernetes Secrets, PostgreSQL Service Connector


Applications and application developers should be incapable of leaking secrets.

To achieve that goal, you’ll play two roles in this tutorial:

  1. A Security Admin who handles secrets, and has sole access to those secrets
  2. An Application Developer with no access to secrets.

The situation looks like this:


Specifically, we will:

As the security admin:

  1. Create a PostgreSQL database
  2. Create a DB user for the application
  3. Add that user’s credentials to Kubernetes Secrets
  4. Configure Secretless to connect to PostgreSQL using those credentials

As the application developer:

  1. Configure the application to connect to PostgreSQL via Secretless
  2. Deploy the application and the Secretless sidecar


To run through this tutorial, you will need:

  • A running Kubernetes cluster (you can use minikube to run a cluster locally)
  • kubectl configured to point to the cluster
  • Docker CLI

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Play the role of a Security Admin and learn how to set up PostgreSQL and configure Secretless.

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